If you are an Alaskan resident eligible for a 2014 Permanent Fund Dividend, please consider a donation through Pick. Click. Give. to Alaska International Senior Games! We are a qualified Alaskan charity under the PFD program, and it’s easy to designate that all or a portion of your dividend go to Senior Games.

You can make a Pick. Click. Give. designation when first signing up for the dividend, or you can go back and add or change your designation even after the initial registration deadline. But please don’t wait!

And remember to sign up for this year’s dividend! You have until 31 March to do so at http://pfd.alaska.gov/.

We’ll use the donations to organize and promote the Games, and active, healthy lifestyles for seniors! And keep our registration fees affordable.

Thank you!

Oh my! It seems like the 2013 games were just yesterday, but here we are in a new year and we’re already deep into preparations for the 2014 edition of the Alaska Senior Games coming to Fairbanks in August.

As part of the preparations, our many volunteers will be feeding lots of updated information to the Web site. Most of the site right now reflects the 2013 information, and for the most part is labeled as 2013. As we update a page for 2014, we’ll change the labels, titles, and/or headers to say 2014. That way you’ll know what’s old (but probably still relevant to this year) and what is brand, spanking new.

We’ll have everything on the site updated for 2014 well before registration opens, probably in May 2014.

The first bit of updated information is we’ve posted the National Senior Games Rules Book for the 2015 National Senior Games. 2014 is a qualifying year, so we’ll be following those rules carefully this year so that our events are a valid qualifier for next year’s national games in Minneapolis and St. Paul. You’ll find links to the rules book in both Word and PDF formats on the Sports page (and watch that page for a snazzy new look we have planned).

See you in Fairbanks in August!

Important AISG Updates

December 6, 2013

Greetings Senior Athletes! The AISG Board and Committees have already started working on the 2014 Games to be held in Fairbanks August 8-17. Here are a few items for your consideration and some quick requests for help.

2013 Bed Tax Presentations will be held in City Council Chambers in City Hall on Wednesday, December 11, 2013 at 5:30 P.M. AISG will be the second presentation. Jane Lanford will give a two-minute presentation for AISG. Attention Fairbanks Residents! Please go, bring your friends, and support our request, wear your 2013 orange Senior Games shirt; it really stands out! You do not have to speak. Your presence will show the committee how important Senior Games is to Fairbanks.

Tell us why you enjoy the Alaska International Senior Games. We are collecting sound bites to add to our webpage and share with our sponsors. Send a couple of sentences to alaskaisg@gmail.com. Your story would be a big help!

A Warm Welcome to our new AISG Board Member Robin Walthour! In addition to being our Racquetball Commissioner, Robin has joined the AISG Board and will be our Sport Coordinator. Robin will be working directly with our Sport Commissioners to firm up the sport venues, dates, times, and details. Thank you Robin for sharing your awesome energy!

Volunteer Opportunities are available. We need help with publicity, special events, and our scrapbook. Email us if you are interested: alaskaisg@gmail.com.

Special Thanks to all who have donated to AISG!!! We really appreciate everyone who donated through Alaska’s Pick, Click and Give, as well as those who sent us cash contributions. Thank you also to our awesome Sponsors! Every little bit helps us keep the registration cost low, while continuing to provide quality games!

Wishing you all a Happy Holidays!

If you haven’t visited AISG’s Facebook page in a while, you might want to drop over and check it out. (You can get to it by clicking the Facebook icon in the upper right part of most pages on this site.) We’ve been posting photos for this year’s games at a furious pace, uploading a new sport every two or three days.

Please check it out, and like the photos you, well, like. And if you recognize yourself or other people in the photos, please tag them.

Thanks again for all the great memories of the Games last August!

Alaska International Senior Games Promoter Stipends are available to support Alaskan AISG athletes who will be attending the Huntsman World Senior Games in St. George, Utah, this coming October. Athletes must be willing to spend time promoting AISG by distributing material to senior participants and extend an invitation to come to Fairbanks to participate in AISG. We are looking for outgoing individuals who are passionate about AISG and want to help AISG grow.

AISG must receive all applications by September 15th to be considered. Those receiving stipends will be notified by September 30th. The application contains more details. Applications are available online here, or you pick one up at the AISG office in the Regency Court Mall at 504 College Rd., Unit 6 (applications will be in the box on the door by September 1st) or by emailing us at Alaskaisg@gmail.com.

2013 Results Posted

August 22, 2013

The final results for the 2013 Alaska International Senior Games are now posted on the Results page.

Thanks to everyone who made these Games so great!

Alas, all good things must end, so say the sages. The 2013 Alaska International Senior Games have wrapped up, concluding with a fun cruise up and down the Chena River on the Riverboat Discovery.

Thanks to everyone who participated as athletes and volunteers, as well as our wonderful sponsors! We had some great times, thanks to everyone! And some great competition!

Next year’s Games are scheduled for August 8-17, 2014. This is a qualifying year for the National Senior Games in Minneapolis-St. Paul in 2015. And, of course, Pickleball will be back! We hope to see you here in Fairbanks next year.

AISG’s annual meeting will be on Monday, September 16, from 5:30 to 7 PM at the Fairbanks Lutheran Church community room at 1012 Cowles Street across from the Noel Wien library. Anyone interest in the future of the Alaska Senior Games or with any feedback is welcome to attend. Among other things, we’ll elect new and returning board members.

Smoke/Rain During the Games

August 10, 2013

As you’ve noticed if you’re in Fairbanks this weekend for the games, we’ve had some pretty thick smoke at times from wildland fires around Interior Alaska. None of the fires are anywhere near Fairbanks. However, the winds are occasionally blowing smoke our way.

Safety is paramount at the Alaska Senior Games, and strenuous outdoor activities are not recommended during times of heavy smoke. Too much rain can also make some sports dangerous. While we are not expecting rain, it too could change.

The sport commissioner will be the person deciding whether the event will be canceled due to unsafe conditions. Many of the events are miles away from each other and the local conditions can be quite different.

So please stay in contact with the commissioners; you can find their contact information on the individual sport pages on this site.

Keep in mind you are the authority on what is safe for you. If you ever feel it is unsafe for you to participate for any reason, please let your commissioner know. Your participation is your decision.

Thank You!
AISG Staff

Please plan to pick up your welcome bag and packets at the Civic Center in Pioneer Park, 2300 Airport Way, in Fairbanks. This is the location of Friday evening’s Gala Games.

They will be available for pick up at these times:

  • Thursday, August 8th from noon to 4pm
  • Friday, August 9th from 6pm to 8pm (during the Gala Games)
  • Saturday, August 10th from noon to 2pm
  • Wednesday, August 14th from noon to 2pm

You’ll need your packets to participate in the games, sports, and social activities, so please be sure to pick it up.

See you at the Games!

Registration is Closed

August 1, 2013

The registration deadline has come and gone, so now the work of making final preparations for the 2013 Alaska International Senior Games is underway!

We’re super excited about the upcoming games, and will see everyone in Fairbanks August 9 to 18!