Alaska Senior Games Sports Information

The Alaska International Senior Games encourages all seniors–yes, even those “kids as young as 50” by the end of the year–to join the fun. It’s a Golden Opportunity! for all.

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Each even-numbered year is a qualifying year for the National Senior Games the following year. AISG generally, and where practicable, follows the rules set at the national level. Please check the individual sport page for specifics on local rules. See the 2022 NSGA Games Rulebook, the 2021 Minimum Performance Standards, or the National Senior Games site for more information.

AISG will offer the following sports. Click on each sport’s link for more information about that sport and its events. You can also click the link above for the upcoming year’s AISG handbook, when it becomes available. If there is a conflict between the information in the handbook and the Web site, the Web site will have the most up to date information.

Note: The 2021 Games will offer a subset of our normal 10 days of sports and social activities. The table below lists our current plans, which could still change. We’ll attempt to keep this updated, but once registration opens it should be the definitive list. For more information about each sport, click the sport icons below.

Athlete Welcome Bags will be available at the athlete’s first event.

2021 Event List

Proposed AISG Events for 2021Events Cancelled for 2021Social Events Cancelled for 2021
ArcheryBasketball 3-on-3Opening/Gala Games
Basketball Free ThrowBowlingDance
Bocce - SinglesIce HockeyCelebration of Athletes
GolfTable Tennis - Doubles
HorseshoesTeam Toss
Indoor ShootingTriathlon
Mini Golf
Power Walk
Road Race
Table Tennis - Singles
Track and Field
Trap Shooting

Alaska Senior Games Sports

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Archery *



Basketball *






Bowling *



Cycling *



Golf *




Ice Hockey - Coed


Ice Hockey Coed

Indoor Shooting


Indoor Shooting

Mini Golf


Mini Golf



Pickleball *


Power Walk *



Racquetball *

Road Race


Road Race *



Swimming *

Table Tennis


Table Tennis *


Team Toss



Tennis *

Track & Field


Track & Field *

Trap Shooting


Trap Shooting



Triathlon *

* In even number years, these are qualifying events for the following year’s National Senior Games. For more information about these national games, please see the National Senior Games site.

Each of the sport pages has detailed location information and a map to the venues. If you’d prefer to print out a map to carry with you, you can download that here: 2021 Senior Games Schedule and Map.

Medals are awarded for men and Women in 5-year age groups (50-54, 55-59, etc.) except as noted for individual events. Medals are presented for the first, second, and third places at the venue site. Check with your Sport Commissioner if you have any questions about an event or for details on doubles and mixed doubles play. If there is not an even number of players for doubles or partner events, priority will go to the athlete with the earliest registration date.

Water and restrooms are available at all locations unless otherwise stated. Snacks will not be provided. Phones are available for emergency use.

Bib numbers will be provided at events as needed.

Smoking or the use of tobacco products or alcohol is not allowed during AISG events, or on FNSB School district and UAF property.