Oh my! It seems like the 2013 games were just yesterday, but here we are in a new year and we’re already deep into preparations for the 2014 edition of the Alaska Senior Games coming to Fairbanks in August.

As part of the preparations, our many volunteers will be feeding lots of updated information to the Web site. Most of the site right now reflects the 2013 information, and for the most part is labeled as 2013. As we update a page for 2014, we’ll change the labels, titles, and/or headers to say 2014. That way you’ll know what’s old (but probably still relevant to this year) and what is brand, spanking new.

We’ll have everything on the site updated for 2014 well before registration opens, probably in May 2014.

The first bit of updated information is we’ve posted the National Senior Games Rules Book for the 2015 National Senior Games. 2014 is a qualifying year, so we’ll be following those rules carefully this year so that our events are a valid qualifier for next year’s national games in Minneapolis and St. Paul. You’ll find links to the rules book in both Word and PDF formats on the Sports page (and watch that page for a snazzy new look we have planned).

See you in Fairbanks in August!