The AISG board and volunteers have been hard at work all winter, planning and preparing for the 2016 Alaska Senior Games. We’ve been busy updating the Web site with information for this year, and we’re getting close to having it all updated. There are still a few details waiting for final confirmation, but we’ll get that done in the days to come.

Best of all, registration will likely be open well before the end of April! Be sure to register early. 2016 is a qualifying year for the 2017 National Senior Games in Birmingham, Alabama, so we’re likely to have a large participation in this year’s Games.

Alaskans: The time has come and gone for filing for the 2016 Permanent Fund Dividend, but you have until August to designate Alaska International Senior Games for a Pick. Click. Give. donation from your check this year. Please consider doing that, and help keep registration fees and other costs low for our athletes! And everyone can make a donation using the Donate button and PayPal from the home page.

Thank you very much!

We’ll see you here in Fairbanks in August for the best Alaska Senior Games ever!