As you’ve noticed if you’re in Fairbanks this weekend for the games, we’ve had some pretty thick smoke at times from wildland fires around Interior Alaska. None of the fires are anywhere near Fairbanks. However, the winds are occasionally blowing smoke our way.

Safety is paramount at the Alaska Senior Games, and strenuous outdoor activities are not recommended during times of heavy smoke. Too much rain can also make some sports dangerous. While we are not expecting rain, it too could change.

The sport commissioner will be the person deciding whether the event will be canceled due to unsafe conditions. Many of the events are miles away from each other and the local conditions can be quite different.

So please stay in contact with the commissioners; you can find their contact information on the individual sport pages on this site.

Keep in mind you are the authority on what is safe for you. If you ever feel it is unsafe for you to participate for any reason, please let your commissioner know. Your participation is your decision.

Thank You!
AISG Staff