We’ve had some pretty enthusiastic participants over the years, and over time we’ll collect some of their comments here. If you have a comment or a story to share, please send it to alaskaisg@gmail.com. Thanks!

5K Ann Milton

Ann Milton, 5K competitor, with Don Kiely, Road Race Commissioner

My compliments to those involved with the 2014 senior games! I had a great time. The opening ceremonies were especially impressive as the interactive activities (in particular sawing a log with a cross saw and a partner) helped me to get acquainted. The food was outstanding also – healthy AND delicious. As I watched the different competitions, I wished I had signed up for more activities instead of focusing only on the 5k run. I’m trying to run a race in every state and had no idea how much more fun I could have had if I had been more alert to all that was available.

Thank you for all the time and effort you put in to make such an enjoyable event.

Ann Milton from Nebraska – 2014 Competitor

L to R: Bill Blockcolsky, Dave Watson, Commissioner Walter Crary, John Boulette

L to R: 2014 80-84 Horseshoe champions Bill Blockcolsky, Dave Watson, and John Boulette, with Commissioner Walter Crary

My friends have been asking me to enter the Games for some time but I had been unable to walk, swim or dance for several years due to conditions with my circulation in my legs.

In October 2013 I had a stent put in both legs and I got progressively better in my walking. When I won the free registration at the Senior recognition dinner at the Carlson Center, I was not planning to use it due to my condition but at the last minute I decided, why not. I knew nothing about the Games and did not think I had a chance and had not prepared myself for it, but decided to try my best.

I met so many wonderful participants and everyone cheered everyone one, it was like a breath of fresh air. So many wonderful people working together to have fun. No one trying to beat anyone, just enjoying the games.

My friends and family were thrilled to know that I attended and to bring home so many medals thrilled me, as I never thought I would get one. I just wanted to participate to see what was going on.

The programs were planned so well that everything went very smoothly. I congratulate those that did such a wonderful job. I hope I will continue to get better so I can compete in 2015. Thank you all for making me alive and active again.

My very best wises to all of you for a job well done.

A special thank you to Ann from Nebraska who partnered with me and cheered me on.

John Boulette – 2014 competitor and “happy 84 year young Senior”

Phyllis Hughes (right) with Rachel Thomas

Phyllis Hughes (right) with Rachel Thomas

Last year I took my first trip to Fairbanks, Alaska. I entered the Table Tennis tournament that was very well run. Thanks to Diann Darnall, my trip went very smoothly. I truly appreciated the warm welcome and good competition. Although I won many gold medals, it is the warm welcoming attitude from all that I treasure most.

Phyllis Hughes – 2013 Table Tennis competitor

Kat Fyten

Kat Fyten

I love the Senior Games because they make me feel like a child again. Just simple games and I get caught up in the competition as it builds throughout the events. I can focus on a sport or skill and completely concentrate without all the other distractions that this “multi-tasking” life consumes my normal days. I have made some lasting friendships at the Senior Games and even if I don’t win I love to cheer on others and in doing so share their joy of victory. I discovered a new sport at the Senior Games look forward to the next seasons games. I want to thank all the wonderful volunteers who make these games fun, efficient, and who work tirelessly.

Kat Fyten – 2013 Bocce competitor

Barbara Shew at 2013 Games

Barbara Shew

I really had a good time at the Alaska Senior Games. I was especially impressed with the bus and taxi transportation. There was no trouble getting around. It was great! I really enjoy going downtown and to the Tanana Valley Fair. The shooting events were perfectly planned. All the staff was so wonderful! Claudia, our activities coordinator, is working to put a group together for next year, so we might have 8-10 come up for the Games.”

Barbara Shew – 2013 Rifle and Pistol competitor from Wasilla, Alaska

Last updated: September 3, 2014