Steve Frank – (907) 322-4703,


Friday, August 9
Basketball 3 on 3
Check-in/Warm-up: 6:00pm
Start: 6:30pm
Saturday, August 10
Basketball Free Throw
Check-in/Warm-up: 1:00pm
Start: 1:30pm
Basketball 3 on 3
Check-in/Warm-up: 1:30pm
Start: 2:00pm


University of Alaska Fairbanks Student Recreation Center
1910 Tanana Loop
Fairbanks, AK


Basketball Free Throw: None
Basketball 3 on 3: $25/person


Men and Women play in separate divisions. Uniforms are available.

Everyone must have clean, non-marking gym shoes.

Free Throw

  • Medals awarded in five-year age groups.
  • Each participant will have 10 shots.
  • Ties will be broken with a shoot-off.

Women’s Free Throw line distances:

  • Ages 50-64 is 15’
  • Ages 65-69 is 12’
  • Ages 70+ is 9’

Men’s Free Throw line distances:

  • Ages 50-79 is 15’
  • Ages 80+ is 12’

3-on-3 Half Court

  • For help in finding teammates visit the Partner and Team Finder page.
  • Participants must sign up as individuals. Team Managers will register their Team Name and set a Team Code. If you are not the Manager, find out the Team Name and Code prior to registering. Teams will not be formed by the Commissioner.
  • Teams will play in the youngest member’s age group.
  • Modified NCAA rules will apply. Half court with 15 minute running time per half (last 2 minutes stop time).
  • Please review the AISG Basketball 3-on-3 Rules [PDF]. Rule modification: All baskets will score 2 points and free throws 1 point each.