Tim Stickel – (907) 385-7877,


Basketball Free Throw on Monday at 5:30PM
Basketball 3-on-3 as Monday at 6:30PM and Tuesday at 6:00PM


University of Alaska Fairbanks Patty Center
414 Tanana Loop
Fairbanks, AK


Free Throw: no additional fee

3-on-3: $20 fee per person (This will assist in covering the referee fees and gym rental.)


Men and Women play in separate Divisions. Uniforms are available.

Attention Basketball Players, there are two options to play in 3-on-3 Basketball: Option 1 is to make up your own team of at least 3 players or Option 2 is to get drafted on a team.

Option 1: Put together a team.

Team Captains need to download and complete the AISG Basketball Team Form [PDF] form, and return it to AISG. Important: All team members must individually register with AISG for the games and place their Team Name down when they register.

Option 2: Get drafted on a team. This option is available if we have at least three other draftees in order to make up a team.

To get drafted on a team each person must fill out the AISG Basketball Evaluation Form [PDF]. Evaluation forms must be completed for this sport and turned in by July 25th. Forms can be downloaded here or are available at ASIG Office, 54 College Road, Suite 6.

Everyone must have clean, non-marking gym shoes.

Please review the AISG Basketball 3-on-3 Rules [PDF]. Rule modification for 2019: All baskets will score 2 points and free throws 1 point each.

Free Throw

  • Men and women participate in separate divisions. Medals awarded in five-year age groups.
  • Each participant will have 10 shots.
  • Ties will be broken with a shoot-off.

Women’s Free Throw line distances:

  • Ages 50-64 is 15’
  • Ages 65-69 is 12’
  • Ages 70+ is 9’

Men’s Free Throw line distances:

  • Ages 50-79 is 15’
  • Ages 80+ is 12’

3-on-3 Half Court

  • Participants may sign up as teams or individuals. The commissioner will assign unattached players to teams. Men and women play in separate divisions.
  • Teams will play in the youngest member’s age group.
  • Modified NCAA rules will apply. Half court with 15 minute running time per half (last 2 minutes stop time). Other rules are in the 2019 NSGA Games Rulebook.