Carol Ann Willard — (907) 545-1443,


Monday, August 5
9:30am check-in for ages 50-69, Singles start at 10:00am
11:00am check-in for ages 80+, Singles start at 11:30am
12:30pm check-in for ages 70-79, Singles start at 1:00pm
1:45pm check-in for Random Doubles, start at 2:30pm
Start times may be adjusted based on the number registering


Weeks Field Baseball Park
805 Smythe Avenue
Fairbanks, AK 99701
(Behind the Noel Wien Library on Airport Way. Enter from Cowles Street.)


No additional fee

AISG Bocce Rules


The game is played with a set of eight Bocce balls, of two different colors and a smaller ball, the jack or also known as a pallina. The playing field is 60 feet long and 12 feet wide with a foul line 10 feet from each end and a halfway line.

Game Play

The game is played with two teams.

The flip of a paddle determines which team will start. The starting team chooses its ball color and throws the jack, which must settle beyond the halfway line. If the jack is thrown out of bounds on the initial toss, the other team throws the jack. The team throwing the jack throws the first ball. It is now up to the opposing team to throw a ball closer than the ball of their opponent.

If the opposing team uses all four balls and fails to get closer to the jack than their opponent’s ball, they roll each of their remaining balls, trying to place them closer than the opponent’s closest ball.

However, if the opposing team succeeds in placing one of its balls closer to the jack, the opposing team must then roll again to attempt to get closer. Each team continues to roll to be closer than the other.

While the object is to get close to the jack, it is permissible to knock an opponent’s ball away from the jack. Likewise a player may knock the jack toward his own ball. If the jack is knocked out of bounds, the end is replayed. A ball entirely beyond the boundary line is out of play. If your ball is touching the jack at the conclusion of the end being played, that will be a “kiss” and the player will be awarded two points.

When all balls have been played, this concludes the end. ONE team is awarded one point for each of its balls, which is closer to the jack than the closest ball of the opposing team. Thus, a team may score up to eight points per end. If the closest ball of each team is equal in distance from the jack, NO points are awarded. The team that scores in an end starts the next end by throwing out the jack and playing the first ball. Any ball resting on any part of the boundary lines is good.

In Singles each player throws all 4 balls. Women and Men 50-74 will play 6 ends per match. Women and Men 75+ will play 4 ends per match. The Commissioner may adjust the number of ends depending on the number of entries.

In the Random Doubles Tournament, partners will be drawn after the check-in. There will be Round Robin play with the top team in each pool moving on to a single elimination championship playoff. Random Doubles matches will play 6 ends.

Local Rules
  • Players may stand outside the court sidelines to toss their balls.
  • If both balls from both teams are equivalent in distance to the jack, both balls will be excluded from the points awarded on that end being played.
  • The jack may land across the furthest foul line and can be played in this area.
  • For players 85+ the jack may land anywhere on the playing field provided it passes over the foul line closest to you in which you are standing.
  • It is legal to step on the foul line when throwing the jack or your colored balls. Players who step over the line will be reminded.
  • Only the jack has to go over the center line for 50–84 age groups. A colored ball may land before the center line and still be counted as a point if it lies closest to the jack.