Mini Golf

Mini GolfCommissioner

Jason Colquhoun — (907) 978-6762,


Saturday, August 10
All age groups at 9:00 AM



Pioneer Park (formerly Alaskaland)
2300 Airport Way, Fairbanks, AK
(907) 452-7888


No additional fee

Event Organization

Play Groups

  1. Players will be grouped by age bracket with a maximum of 4 per hole.
  2. Age brackets may be combined where there are less than four participants.
  3. Each group shall keep score and return completed card to commissioner.


  1. This event is played on an 18-hole public course at Pioneer Park. All FNSB Parks & Recreation rules shall be followed.
  2. Holes are located on an un-even asphalt surface and requires a step on and off each hole.
  3. Limited aids are available to retrieve balls from cup, please request these from on-duty staff at the course.
  4. Participants are encouraged to look at local weather forecast and come dressed appropriately in layers as conditions can change. There are limited benches for sitting and shade or shelter from weather on site.
  5. Public restrooms are available near the course.


  1. Once all play is concluded, scores will be tallied to determine places for each age bracket. Tie scores will follow tie-breaker format in course rules.
  2. Medals shall be awarded by age bracket in accordance with AISG.

Course Rules

Order of Play

  1. At each hole, the player that had the fewest strokes on the previous hole shall tee off first. All other players will then tee off in order.
  2. Once all players have teed off, play will continue with the player whose ball is closest to the hole playing next.
  3. Play will continue with the next closest player and so on until all players have completed the hole.

Tee Off

The tee off location shall be between the first sidewall joints from the radial.

Out of Bounds

  1. Balls that are hit off the designated course are out of bounds and shall be put back on the course at the nearest playable point to where they went off.
  2. Play will resume from that point with a penalty stroke charged to the player.

Obstructions/Side Walls

Balls may be moved to the nearest playable position (maximum of one head distance) when along the sidewall or other similar obstruction.

Use of Personal Clubs

Personal putters may be used throughout the course, however for purposes of measuring ball position a standard course provided club head will be used.


  1. If at the end of 18 holes there is a tie for one of the medal positions a playoff take place.
  2. The hole used for the playoff will be determined by random drawing.
  3. If the tie remains after the first hole, a new hole will be randomly drawn and played until there is a winner.
  4. All players tied for the same medal ranking will participate in the playoff until there is a clear winner for each ranking.