Maida Buckley – (907) 750-9313,


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Saturday, August 14
1:00 PM – Singles
Sunday, August 15
1:00 PM – Doubles and Mixed Doubles


Dan Ramras Community Tennis Courts
1025 14th Avenue, Fairbanks, AK
Located off Airport Way, on Schiable Street, behind the Mary Siah Rec Center, directly east of Lathrop High School.




Call the Commissioner for schedule. Check-in 15 minutes prior to match.

All matches will be conducted in accordance with United States Tennis Association (USTA) rules. A match shall consist of two sets, regular scoring. If sets are tied, a 10-point super tiebreaker will be used to determine the winner; i.e., winners in tiebreakers will be the first player to reach 10 points with a margin of two points.

If a player is scheduled in more than one event, it is the player’s responsibility to report conflicts to the Commissioner with sufficient time to reschedule.